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This practice is not a show of perfection, it is an art of process.

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At Greensboro Downtown Yoga, we guide you through yoga, mindful movement experiences, and functional movements with emphasis on technique, progression, and efficiency.

Since our opening day in 2012, we’ve had a commitment to empowering the Greensboro community through yoga and movement experiences. Today, in 2020, we feel proud to offer a space where everyone feels welcome and included. If you often feel like a bit of a misfit in a traditional gym or studio, GDY is the place for you.


We offer a wide range of yoga and functional movement classes to help you discover your true self.
Let GDY be the place where you step onto your mat, and surrender all that makes you heavy.

All Levels Flow

A mixed levels class with a focus on safety and alignment as you move through dynamic flows.

CounterFlow Yoga

A power and strength vinyasa flow class focused on posture, balance, mobility, and strength.

Roll & Recover

Improve flexibility and reduce injury risk in this foam roller based recovery class.

Yoga Sweat Hybrid

Break a sweat with cardio intervals, resistance segments, and strengthening yoga poses.



We’ve got the membership options that fit your schedule and needs.
Whether you’re an occasional yogi or an avid practitioner, let GDY be the place you come to move weekly.

Warrior 1

Great for occasional yogis
$ 39
  • 4 Classes per Month
  • 10% of all GDY workshops
  • Monthly auto renewal

Warrior 2

Find your flow twice weekly
$ 69
  • 8 Classes per Month
  • 10% of all GDY workshops
  • Monthly auto renewal

Warrior 3

Great for the regular yogi
$ 99
  • Unlimited Monthly Classes
  • 10% of all GDY workshops
  • Monthly auto renewal
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