COVID-19 & Greensboro Downtown Yoga

Updated | March 27, 2020

Hello GDY Community,

The world we live in right now is a really crazy place, and never did Michael or I expect that 18-days after taking over ownership of GDY that we would be dealing with a global pandemic. But alas, our mental toughness and ‘nothing can stop me’ personalities have made us push on and shift our business model — even if just for a short period of time.

We want to get the doors of the studio opened back up as soon as possible — but only will do so when health professionals say it is safe for us to do so (which realistically could be months).

In the interim we’re providing you with GDY Virtual through daily classes on YouTube (subscribe to our channel) and The Movement Mantra Project. We hope you enjoy these offerings and find solace in them during these times of unknown.

Through all this we made the decision to pause all operations and membership fees for the studio. Sadly though, the cost of keeping the studio space, instructor pay, our membership platform, and the cost of producing the video content does not pause simply because we aren’t operating in the studio.

For this reason, we’re reaching out to you – the wonderful supporters of GDY and the greater Greensboro community – and asking for your help. A small donation in the amount of just $5.00 on our new donation platform will help us with the studio operating costs during this time of shut-down.

Any funds received outside of the cost of maintaining the studio will go towards upgrading our video equipment with the hopes that we can continue to provide GDY Virtual even after we re-open.

If you have participated in one of the YouTube classes, attended a live class in the past at GDY, or simply want to support local small business in Greensboro, we would be forever grateful for a small donation.

Simply follow the link to our KoFi page and donate any amount in increments of $5 (it’s a little cute how this platform does it — it says “Buy Greensboro Downtown a Yoga Class” — this are ‘sold’ in increments of $5.00 and you can increase the number using the ++ button).

As we said, we never dreamed we would be at this moment a month after opening, but as we navigate the experience daily together, we APPRECIATE anything and everything you can do to support Greensboro Downtown Yoga

In Extreme Gratitude and Love,
Summer Sides & Michael Griffith
(Owners, Greensboro Downtown Yoga)

GDY Presses Pause on In-Studio Operations | March 18, 2020

Hello GDY Community,

It is with a very heavy heart that Michael and I have decided it’s time to pause all classes at GDY until at least March 31 – at which time we will reevaluate and go from there.

As owners of GDY for now 18-days, this is a really hard decision to have made. However, our main goal and priority is for you to be healthy and well, and we’ve realized that staying open during this time of complete unknowns with COVID-19 might actually be going against that mission. 
What does this PAUSE mean for YOU?
  • All classes are cancelled as of today, March 18 until further notice.
  • All memberships and class packages will be frozen effective today.
    • Past bills are still be due.
  • You can join our new GDY Community Facebook Group as a way to stay connected with the community during this time of isolation.
    • This was actually already in the works, so glad it gives us a time to really focus on it!
  • Join us daily inside the group for our “Daily Movement Mantra” — this 5-10 minute time could include a short movement practice, a meditation, or other means of helping you navigate these difficult times.
    • More information to come….
  • Yoga is about much more than just the physical asana (movement) practice, and at this time of unrest and uncertainty focusing on those other limbs of yoga might be exactly what we need to make it through. We hope to bring you more information on how to truly further your yoga practice in a way that brings you comfort at home.
We’ve got ideas about how to stay connected as a community, and how we can help the greater Greensboro community. If you work in an office building, or a community space that might benefit from stress management tools, meditation, or short movement mantras, please let us know. We would love to connect and help our community stay strong during this time (all virtually of course).

Keep posted for more on ways that we can bond as a yoga, movement, and human community.

In Good Health
Summer & Michael
Owners, Greensboro Downtown Yoga
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