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May 01 2020


5:30 pm - 6:30 pm


Donation Based

*Virtual First Friday* | SPECIAL Cardio Yoga™ | Live on YouTube

In partnership with Downtown Greensboro we bring you this SPECIAL Virtual First Friday event!

Cardio Yoga™ is a Vinyasa (a flowing sequence) of Dynamic Yoga Asanas (yoga postures set into dynamic movement). The entire class is structured as a CALORIE BLASTING moving meditation. Based on the science of power postures, movement patterns are specifically designed and cued to evoke emotion creating uplifting feelings of joy and confidence.

Cardio Yoga™ is trademark of Savvier Fitness for its fitness exercise program, certification and related products.

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Greensboro Downtown Yoga is LIVE daily on YouTube offering a wide range of yoga and functional movement classes to help you discover your true self. Let GDY VIRTUAL be the place where you step onto your mat, and surrender all that makes you heavy. All classes are mixed level and open to you, wherever you are in your movement journey.


All classes are free to whomever needs them. We at GDY simply ask that if you’re inspired or empowered through our classes and you have the means to support us through donations that you please donate what you can. All donations will go towards supporting the studio during this unknown time with #covid19.

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