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Apr 07 2020


9:30 am - 10:30 am


Donation Based

Yoga Sweat Hybrid™ | Live on YouTube

Yoga Sweat Hybrid™ is the bridge between a mindful yoga practice and a sweat-inducing interval strength training session. This class offers a hybrid of cardio intervals, resistance work, and strengthening yoga poses to leave you feeling stronger after each sweat session. Class will include arm balances, functional movements, for a non-traditional yoga practice.

Yoga Sweat Hybrid™ is a trademark of GXunited

All classes are free to whomever needs them. We at GDY simply ask that if you’re inspired or empowered through our classes and you have the means to support us through donations that you please donate what you can. All donations will go towards supporting the studio during this unknown time with #covid19.

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