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Take the lessons from the mat

The Movement Mantra


The Movement Mantra Project, from GDY, is the response to #covid19 and our hopes of building a community that is physically and mentally able to handle what life throws at us.
The project is a journey to create movement and mindful experiences that people can do in the comfort of their home. It’s a way for us to provide support to our community (both inside and outside the studio) in a way that truly feels authentic to our mission of a community focused yoga and movement studio.
Ultimately, the project will provide a movement and mindset focused experiences & opportunities for you to do wherever you might be (physically and emotionally). This includes yoga flows, movement practices, meditations, breathing activities, journaling prompts, calls to action, or anything else to inspire and empower you at this moment in time.
Let’s be real, it’s not going to be perfect at first, but neither is life. And in some ways, we think that is a really nice element of this project. We’re all going to be a little less than perfect during a time of unknowns…and maybe that can help us better unite.
We’re taking this project and opportunity, one day/one hour at a time. We hope you’ll do the same.
Movement Mantras will be posted both on this page and on YouTube every weekday, so join us as we aim to find our courage during this time of challenges. This project is completely free to anyone and everyone who needs it. If you feel empowered and inspired, your support of the project and Greensboro Downtown Yoga through a small donation would be greatly appreciated during these times of unknown.

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