Spring Equinox | Thich Nhat Hanh Meditation

A short breathing focused Thich Nhat Hanh Meditation inspired by the changing of the seasons, presented on the Spring Equinox.

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Today's Inspiration

March 19, 2020 is the spring equinox. A time of year that brings change, new beginnings, and new opportunities. 

But in a time of unrest for our country, it can be difficult to think positively about the start of a new season. It can be easy to overlook the beauty of the flowers blooming, or ignore the baby bunnies that start to bounce around your yards. 

This neglect of the new season, and constant focus on the negative, can impact your breathing patterns. So today, we bring you a Thich Nhat Hanh Meditation that allows you to focus on your breathing. It turns your focus from the negative and uncontrollable, to the present moment.

Movement Mantra Project

The Meditation

Close your eyes, listen to the meditation, and focus on your breath.

Meditation and breath work is a time to be with yourself. To tune out from the external world, and to really be present in the moment. Unfortunately that is hard for many people. 

This meditation is a great way to keep your mind focused the entire time. As you listen to the meditation and breathe, you repeat the words said. Then take a moment to let them stick and land. The more you allow yourself to focus on the words and your breath, the better you’ll be at letting go of the external world.

Today’s Movement Mantra doesn’t have you physically moving through an asana practice, but instead, gives you an opportunity to meditate and breath. It allows you to be still and look within. As yoga teaches us, sometimes the most important thing you can do is look within in stillness.

Apply This to Your Life

  1. Take a moment to journal your feelings before you practice the meditation
  2. Practice the meditation using our video
  3. Maybe do it again
  4. Journal about how you feel after the meditation
  5. Find a way to save this meditation for times when you are feeling distress
    1. Record yourself saying it on your phone
    2. Memorize the words and repeat them to yourself
    3. Save this video to your favorites and pull out when you need
  6. Save the image card and look at the meditation when you may not be able to practice.

Share with others

If you’re comfortable, share your experience with us (via email) or within our Facebook Group. Let’s inspire and lift each other up with how this meditation impacted you.

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