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Greensboro Downtown Yoga is LIVE daily on YouTube offering a wide range of yoga and functional movement classes to help you discover your true self.

Let GDY VIRTUAL be the place where you step onto your mat, and surrender all that makes you heavy.

All classes are mixed level and open to you, wherever you are in your movement journey.

Discover Your True Self

A mixed levels class with a focus on safety and alignment as you move through dynamic flows.

A power and strength vinyasa flow class focused on posture, balance, mobility, and strength.

Break a sweat with cardio intervals, resistance segments, and strengthening yoga poses.

A music based, fusion inspired class focused on improving total body strength and control.

Dare to Trust Yourself

Improve stability in joints and strength in muscles in this fusion based strength class.

Core Warrior™

Blending yoga, pilates, and functional movement to develop your powerhouse of strength.

A sweat drenching moving meditation that truly inspires the next dimension of fitness.

Improve performance through functional movements that counter athletic imbalances.

Move into Stillness

Learn the foundations of yoga and breathing in this slow and deliberate class.

Decrease stiffness and improve breath control in this slow and focused class.

Slow down your mind and body in this gentle and beginner friendly breath focused class.

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